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Subject: Forbidden Love: Chapter FourForbidden Love- Chapter Four**I'd like to apologize for my carelessness by NOT
transmitting CHAPTER THREE of this series to my editor
prior to submitting it. I hope you were still able to
enjoy, and you still look for Forbidden Love story
expansions.**And now for Chapter Four
__________________________________________________________Ryan felt so safe, and so untouchable right there, in the security of
Brent's strong, loving grip. The world around him suddenly went from a
disgusting horrifying place for shy Ryan to place where he would always
be safe, for there would always be Brent. Ryan looked up into Brent's
eyes, and kissed him. He was so happy, his life just opened up. He lay
there facing Brent with his hands on Brent's chest. There was an intense
aura of love between them, passing between the two bodies like an
electric current."I'm ready, Brent. I love you, and I'm ready for you. I want to give
you something that no one else can ever have of me, I love you and I want
you to have it.""Ryan, we don't... we don't have to. I mean, we could wait. I haven't
done this either, I don't know what to expect.""Let's just do it then. Right now, let's give each youngest preteen bbs other that gift,
let's experience it together."Brent needed no more persuasion. He allowed Ryan to roll over, and then
he lowered his face to Ryan's hole, and filled it with his tongue,
loosening it, and wetting it. Then, he took hold of himself, and placed
his head on Ryan. He pushed a little, then a bit more, allowing about an
inch or two in. Ryan groaned with slight pain and pleasure. Brent
paused for a moment allowing Ryan to loosen up, and then pressed on.Ryan was relaxed now, and Brent pushed forward a little. The feeling in
Ryan was amazing. He was willing to sacrifice his bit of pain for how
extraordinary he new Brent would eventually feel, more full, physically
and mentally. Brent was like that last puzzle piece. The one that had
been missing all of Ryan's life, but now it was replaced, it was there,
and it wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Brent was now all of the way
inside Ryan and it felt it extraordinary.Most of the pain was gone, and Brent began to make strong strokes back
and forth, in and out, slowly picking up pace as time progressed. He
periodically paused, and stroked youngest preteen bbs Ryan's back, and asked him if there
was any pain. Ryan always encouraged him to persist and this new, full
feeling gave him enormous amounts of emotion. Having Brent in him was
far better than he ever expected, and ecstasy increased when Brent lay
down on his back, and continued humping him, harder and faster.Brent's arms were wrapped around Ryan stroking his cock, to give Ryan
full pleasure. It seemed candid nn preteens Brent felt he was getting something better by
being on top, but Ryan was filled with such joy and love that he never
desired to be elsewhere, including on top, though he did switch russian preteens ls
on and
off often with Brent. Sweat began to form on Brent's chest and Ryan's
back where they're skin was rubbing and colliding in a massive amount of
contact. Love poured from Ryan's body, and transferred to Brent's, as
Brent's love came from himself to Ryan. When climax came, Brent sprayed
his load all over Ryan's inside, as Ryan did onto the sheets. They lay
together, paralyzed in this position for about half an hour. It seemed
their sweaty bodies were drained of all energy. It was all put into
their first time, and Ryan would never forget it. How gentle Brent was,
how sweet, and passionate he kissed Ryan's back as they preteen pussy art lay together, and
how romantic and lovingly they shared this moment.Brent was the first to move. He pulled himself out of Ryan, both moaning
in delight, ever so slowly as though the extreme sensitivity of his cock
hurt with this slight contact. Ryan rolled over, and Brent lay on him,
and kissed his head.Then, they got up, and went into the bathroom, and as they always did,
they took a long, hot bath together, but this time there was not making
out, and no groin mashing, only Ryan resting in the arms of Brent. As he
sat, he was filled with emptiness. He recalled Brent pulling out of
him. It scared him, it made him feel sad and empty. A sharp pain
stabbed through his brain. This emptiness triggered a thought "What if
Brent wasn't always there." It would turn out that after the first few
times they had sex, these confusing feelings of pain left Ryan, as he
began to trust that Brent was forever his."Brent." Ryan said, slightly unsure. " I want you to be there for me.
Always."Brent stroked his hair. "I know buddy. I sex video preteens feel the same way. I'm pretty
scared with this shit too, but we can do this, it can't be that hard.
We'll figure something out. We gotta... we gotta consider telling
someone--our parents, our friends.""My mom knows.""That's good. I just don't know how the hell I'm going to tell my
parents... I don't think I could.""That's fine too."Brent looked down on Ryan and smiled. girl preteen underground They returned to Brent's bedroom,
and curled up together, Ryan's head on Brent's chest, and went to sleep,
but before they did, Ryan was sure to ask Brent where his father was, to
be sure he wouldn't return. Brent told him his father was out with his
friends, and was usually out till dawn, usually later actually. Ryan
knew he was safe in Brent's arms, and curled up to sleep, with a new
sense of security.
If you have any comments:IM me: SenorJota2006 (AOL Instant Messanger OR MSN Messanger Service)
Email me: SenorJota2006hotmail.comThis thong model preteen
seems odd, and I've never before seen this is a Nifty story, but i
just needed to say thanks to Don, for all his editing. As you
experienced in chapter THREE my storys are hopeless to read without him.
Thank you. x preteens sex You're great.
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